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Who We Are

Xpert is a U.S. based consulting and technology solution provider with global reach. Combining deep domain expertise in Networking, Security and Systems across varied industries, Xpert leads its clients to become high performance businesseses, governments and organizations by employing expertly trained consultants, engineers, and technicians to deploy best-of-breed solutions.

Rapid innovation and constant transformation have shaped Xpert's history. Started primarily as a technology consultancy, Xpert provides a new breed of networking, security and systems solutions to its clients— unique solutions researched or devised by our domain experts in conjunction with our solution partners, often creating new methods and processes to enable simplified management of Networking, Security and Systems infrastructure.

High performance businesses, governments and organizations engage Xpert to expertly deploy infrastructure and expertly train people to perform business functions with high performance. Xpert has helped clients become high performance businesses, governments, and organizations delivering repeated value to the bottom line.


From its beginning in 2004, Xpert has been creatively serving clients in the Networking, Security and Systems practices. Xpert uses its deeply skilled people to deploy both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom devised solutions.

The Networking practice centers around:

  • Network & Application Performance Monitoring
  • Enterprise WAN/LAN Design & Implementation
  • Network Services, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

The Security practice centers around:

  • Governance & Compliance
  • Threat Remediation & Breach Prevention
  • Secure Enterprise Automation

The Systems practice centers around:

  • Virtualization & Optimization
  • NAS Storage Systems
  • Industry Specific Systems

Our Core Values

Our Core Values shape the culture and define the character of our company.

Xpert attracts the very best people and develops the best expertise to perform high value services for our clients. Xpert's culture of hands on excellence is central to our value.

Actionable Value Creation... Improving our clients' business success, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence is the Xpert modus operandi "MO".

Xpert Cloud WAF

Xpert Launches New Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) Offering:  Xpert Cloud WAF supports some types of content filtering via its default and custom Web application attack signatures. However, Xpert Cloud WAF is not designed to filter outbound requests from Web users to the Internet. It is a Web Application Firewall, not a pure Web Content Filter, so it does not block access to—for example--entertainment, gambling, or adult sites by URL. Instead, it protects Web applications from attack, monitors application traffic to improve security visibility and app development processes, and it addresses compliance requirements.